More Health Problems

For almost 2 months I have been feeling really unwell & my doctor is about as useful as a chocolate fire guard.  It appears that I have a Pleurisy Tract which is badly affecting my breathing & oxygen saturations, with some stats being down as low as 61%.   I'm on a second week of stronger Anti-biotics & they do seem to finally be working. Still have 4 days on those to go.

With my eldest brother passing away, plus my own health problems, this Christmas has been the worse one I can ever remember.  On a positive note I have accumulated some beer for when I have fully recovered, at least enough to enjoy them.

I am now hoping 2017 will be a little better than this year, 2016 hasn't been that great for a lot of people.  I suppose I should be grateful that I am warm & well fed, a luxury not afforded to everyone.

Happy new year everyone