On Going Health Issues

My health issues continue to be a problem & lately I don't seem to have the energy to do much of anything.  From 19/09/2016 up to today 25/09/2016, I have been coughing blood in my phlegm.  I have had a 5 day course of anti-biotic tablets from the doctor & three times this morning I thought it had cleared but then it started over again.  It is very light compared to how much I was getting last week but still a worry.  My breathing is unstable as well, one time I will feel great the next I am barely able to breath for a few minutes, although recovery time is fairly quick.   Oxygen Sats continue to fluctuate when walking even short distances.  So it's back to the doctors tomorrow & if things don't work out then I have to go to hospital, which I really don't want to do.

Let's hope that this soon clears & I can at least enjoy life as much as possible.  If you smoke, including cannabis, then you are a mug. You have the chance to change your lifestyle & avoid the problems that you are heading for.  It is true that in my lifetime I have only known one person die from lung cancer as a result of smoking but I have met hundreds who have C.O.P.D like I have.