New Video Show

After spending some time trying to find a decent radio station to broadcast on, & failing, I decided to try my hand at video / music interviews.  First problem I encountered was that most streaming sites don't allow under 18's anywhere on their sites and not even on Camera.  I did eventually find a free streaming site that basically requires you to embed the stream on your own website. It has no chat room so you are free to use whichever chat site you prefer.  In tests this stream had a lag of between 10 & 35 seconds but seemed stable enough.

I booked rock band REBELMANN for the first show, & I found what I thought was a better streaming site, youlivenow.tv.  In tests that has around a 2 second lag and the stream seemed really good.  So I prepared the website to stream from that. An hour before we were due to go live, that streaming site wouldn't connect & when it did the sound was buffering really bad.  I rushed around to put the website back, figuring a 30 second lag was better than a buffering stream.  Well it didn't work out very well, the stream kept disconnecting, the whole show was a total disaster.  I was gutted that this happened & felt that I had let down this great young rock band, but I did manage to record the show so put it on the website for people to watch when they had time.  A couple of days after this I found another streaming site, connectcast.tv.  Lots of testing and I found it very stable, little lag, and just everything I needed. I rebroadcast the REBELMANN show and had 24 viewers, so that worked out fine in the end.

Next show was November 22 with multi-instrumentalist Griffin Tucker.  Early on the morning I did have a slight problem connecting to the streaming site but then it seemed to go fine.  The show itself went really well, although the stream did drop for a few seconds about halfway through.  I'm not sure if this was the server or my ISP who are working on yet another upgrade to our speed.  Downside of this show was that half way through I realised I hadn't hit the record button so anyone that missed it can't get to see it now.

My next guest is another talented youngster, 15 year old Canadian singer / songwriter Cameron Molloy. We will be discussing his music, his influences & another aspects of his life as well as getting 4 live acoustic songs. It is a slightly later start to the show, 8pm UK, 3pm EST, because Cameron has a hockey match on the morning and couldn't make it home in time for a the normal start time.  Hopefully I'll remember to hit the record button this time.