Talk Talk won't let you talk

I visited a friends house over a week ago and they told me they had no Internet or phone. I checked to make sure the micro filters were in and also replaced them with new ones but still nothing. When I got home I went on to Talk Talk's website and found a link that tested the phone line.  It clearly showed a fault but as it was almost midnight I left it until the following day.

On Saturday 25th of July 2015 I went back on to the Talk Talk website and found a live chat.  I had a chat with someone, I believe in India, who seemed quite helpful but by Sunday it appeared they weren't. On Sunday had another chat with a different rep and this time they did seem to be very helpful, claiming to have booked an engineer call back on the Monday between 12 & 2pm. This didn't happen and I have spent over a week trying to get my friends phone and Internet back on. 

She was originally with AOL who used Talk Talk for their UK Internet & phone accounts which initially worked really well. I was with AOL for many years and had very few problems & those I did have were resolved very quickly. We took a look at her AOL account only to find that they had migrated her account to Talk Talk, without any notice or option to opt out and change providers.  We we tried to log in on the Talk Talk site we couldn't because it appears AOL have failed to pass on the account details.  This means my friend can't control her account and basically Talk Talk can take anything from her bank account and she is helpless to do anything about it. An email to their helpline got a quick reply but nothing since. 

She phoned Talk Talk to try and resolve the problem and after wasting £8 using her mobile phone she got no where.;  I gave her the AOL number and she got through to the complaints department.  This is the difference between AOL & Talk Talk, she told them she was using her mobile phone & how much it was costing. They told her to hang up and called her back straight away.  She said they were really helpful and have now arranged an engineer to call on Tuesday 4th August. 

On the Talk Talk website for over a week it claimed they were fixing the problem, but no official fix date.  They claimed an engineer had been booked but no sign of one and then out of the blue they claimed it had been fixed, which it hadn't (See Screen caps below)

In conclusion Talk Talk have the worse ever customer service and if you look at their twitter feed and their forum you can see the horror stories that others have had to endure.  They were found to be charging people for accounts that had been closed for months, leaving people in hundreds of pounds of debt, then having the nerve to send debt collectors to claim money they weren't even owed.  One woman was charged £50 for a missed engineer call when in fact no engineer turned up.  She was without phone or Internet for 45 days.  JOIN THEM AT YOUR OWN PERIL