The Great Virgin Media Mystery

I guess I could call this "who stole the super charger" to make it more interesting but it is still a great mystery. It all started last September with an email from Virgin Media saying we were getting a free upgrade from 30Mb to 50Mb and this would be complete between November 2014 and January 31 2015.  One month later, In October, another email informing us the monthly subscription was going up by £1.50 a month, so someone already stole the "free" from this upgrade.

Moving forward, January came and went, no upgrade, just a webpage you could use to check the progress in your own area.  They said end of February, then March, still no sign, April joy of joys, it said the network in my area had been upgraded, but no information when I would get my new faster speed.  I figured it would kick in eventually and just ran the odd speed test, no different, well actually it seemed to be giving lower speeds but these were so small as to not concern me.

I chatted on-line with someone from Virgin Media to see if I could find out why my speed hadn't gone up to the 50Mb, thinking maybe I need to opt in to it or something. The rep told me the network had been upgraded but it wasn't fully on their system yet but it would be ready soon.  That sounded o.k. at the time and I left it.  Today I go back to the website, put my postcode in and it now says they are upgrading the network, it should be ready by the end of May. Who stole the super charge?

The whole company is one big joke. They ask you to recommend a friend and they'll give you £50 off your next bill. The few friends I have left are worth a lot more to me than £50 and no doubt they would put the monthly subscription up to recover it.

They say they are the only company to offer cable broadband without a phone line, which is great for people like me who rarely use the phone.  This however comes at a price, as little as £5 cheaper than having the phone, despite being less maintenance.  If you equipment develops a fault you can wait up to 3 weeks for an engineer, but they still take the cash from your bank every month.

No one asked for this upgrade and the speeds I get with 30Mb are fine for me.  Since October I have basically been paying for this upgrade but not getting the service. They should refund EVERYONE the £1.50 a month they have taken since October until they proivide the service they promise.

If you need a phone line and fast broadband check out BT infinity, I have heard nothing but good things about this. Sadly that isn't available in my area but as soon as it is I will be looking to move.