Computer Upgraded

I decided I wasn't happy with using the on-board video on the new computer so bought a 2Gb Asus Nvidia GeoForce GT 610 graphics card.  When  I opened the system up I discovered that the power supply was only using one of the 2 x 12v CPU plugs and I had been having issues with the system locking up when opening programs.  I also found that it was only 300 Watt, really not powerful enough for multi-core processors so checked out the latest PSU's for this type of board.  At first I was going to purchase a 600 watt PSU but noticed the 750 watt was only £2.99 extra so opted for that.
Once that was delivered I put it in the system quite easily and since I have noticed how quiet the system now runs.  I checked out ebay for some DDR3 memory and to be honest the Non ECC, unbuffered is very expensive but saw 32Gb for a mere £164.99 which included delivery. That is around £80 cheaper than from many of the computer stores.  Even used DDR3 would have cost around £160 / £200 for the 32Gb so I was more than happy to pay this much for brand new, unused memory.  That arrived and is in now making this a super, quiet computer all ready to give me years, hopefully, of computing and web surfing.