Those Justin Bieber Videos

I make no secret of the fact that I am not a big fan of Justin Bieber.  His music isn't that good in my honest opinion and some of his behaviour lately isn't what you expect from a role model to millions of teenagers.  Having said that I find it rather dubious that the press have dug some old videos of a young Bieber making racist 'jokes'.  Where as I don't condone such behaviour, he was a very naive, not well educated, 15 year old who, at the time, probably didn't realise how offensive his comments were.  He also never imagined anyone getting hold of those videos and putting them in the public domain some 5 years later.

It seems that someone, somewhere had those videos and sold them to the highest bidder. It really has nothing to do with right & wrong or the evil of racism, it was about selling newspapers and making money.
When Justin made those videos he was an unknown, just a kid posting YouTube Videos of his music.

Since his fame started, many African American artists have helped his career and from that he learnt that is actions as a teenager were unacceptable in a modern society.  He changed and moved forward, no longer accepting racism as being justified in any circumstances.    

There can be no doubt that Justin Bieber has issues at the moment that he really needs to sort out and a long break from the music business may be the best solution.  Fame may bring financial gains but the cost is a loss of freedom.   Justin can't go where he wants,  when he wants without being hounded by the press and fans. So life must become tedious in such circumstances with alcohol and drugs as a route out of this boredom.  I think his recent behaviour hasn't really helped his cause, lets hope that he get back on track and use his fame in some positive way.