Meet The Vamps - Album Review

After waiting for months The Vamps finally released their first full album and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. The album opens up with their second Single “Wild Heart”, which should have reached the number one spot in my honest opinion. The second track is their latest single “Last Night”, another that I believe should have reached the top spot.

Track three “Somebody to You” is another catchy pop tune and is followed by their début single “Can We Dance”. “Girls on TV” is another super fun track and one that I think the fans would sing along to at gigs. Next track “Risk it all” is a slower tempo but again easy to listen to and enjoy.

Simon & Garfunkel's “Cecilia” was one of my least favourites of their songs but listening to The Vamps cover has turned this song around and made it so that I do enjoy listening to it now. The ballad “Another World” has been on replay for an hour, really do like this track.

I think it is fair to say there isn't really a bad track on this début album and it is sure to do well in the album charts. My own favourite track is Gold, which is available on the deluxe edition. Maybe as the next single that could make the illusive number one chart position. Having said that, for a new band to make the top 3 in the UK charts with their first 3 singles is quite an achievement and puts them in the league of music greats such as The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones and many other great British bands.

I think whoever came up with the idea to release the music videos two months before the release of the single should have a rethink. By the time the song becomes available many would have heard it so many times and moved on to other music thus selling mostly to people who have pre-ordered it. Personally I would only release the video about a week before the single was due out to keep it fresh in the minds of the fans. I think then The Vamps would have a better shot at making it to the top, where they really deserve to be. They have achieved so much in a little over two years and they work really well together.