New Computer

I was looking to upgrade my desktop PC and also wanted something new.  I found that AMD now do a 6 core processor, to compete with Intel's i3, i5 & i7 processors. So I priced up a motherboard, memory, hard-drive, DVD ROM, case and PSU which I then decided was too much for what I was budgeting on.  I was going to give up but thought I'd have look around ebay to see what was available.   I came across one deal that was just too good to be missed.
They had a Gigabyte motherboard, AMD 6 core Piledriver processor, 8Gb DDR3 RAM, 1Tb Hard-Drive, DVD ROM all in a need gamers midi tower for the bargain price of £321.78 which included VAT & delivery. I couldn't build one to this spec for less than £450.  It doesn't have any operating system but I am pleased with that as I really don't want Windows 8 until at least service pack 1.  I have Windows 7 home premium, 64bit so that will do for me. My main use will be video editing and maybe Internet Radio which I really must get back into.
On another note; I had an AMD 64 3200+ PC lying around in a poor midi tower case. I bought a new tower off ebay and put the old mother board into the new case, which actually went rather well.  I had previously backed up the hard-drive on an external 1Tb USB drive so decided to format it and try Windows 7 Home
Premium.  After Windows was set-up I tried to find the CD with the sound drivers on.  About 2 years ago I was going to broadcast on blogtv.com using my laptop to play the music through the mixer and into main computer via line-in. For some odd reason I turned the output up full and the sound on the main PC fizzled and it appeared the sound chip had been blown.  I did try uninstalling and re-installing the drivers many times but nothing worked.  I bought a very cheap PCI sound card from ebay and used that until I finally upgraded to a better system.

Not being able to find the driver disk, and with no manufactures label on the sound card I decided to see if the on board chip would work.  I went into the BIOS and enabled the sound and then loaded the drivers.  But to my amazement it worked fine and so I spent a few hours loading some software on it.  With 4 GB RAM and a decent 250Gb Hard drive it is quite a decent system. As for the old tower, that is being Freecycled tomorrow. Someone is building their grandson a computer so this will come in handy.  A quick spray of paint and it will be as good as new.