New Gear

I recently bought a Numark Mixtrack Edge DJ controller only to find it didn't work with Virtual DJ 5.2.  I'm not a big fan of the sound set-up on Virtual DJ 7 but had no option other than to spend another £238 getting the latest version.  Big problem I have is that on some of my laptops the sound distorts when using the Mixtrack Edge. I tried disabling the on board sound and just using the built in sound card on the Mixtrack but it still distorted.  The main problem is I only have one laptop with XP and the other two have Vista.

 It does work fine with the Toshiba although the music is slow to load sometimes. I have a brand new, never used, desktop which has Windows 7 and 4mb of RAM so I am considering getting a monitor and keyboard for that and making a dedicated broadcast machine.  The only other option is to sell off my current laptops and get a brand new one.

This is only a requirement if I start doing outside broadcasts or maybe start doing mobile discos again, which isn't currently on the agenda.  I'm looking around for a new station to broadcast on despite saying I was retiring, I miss it too much and after the fun I had with Austin Porter, Chad Clemens and Toby Burton on my last 1Radio Sunday show I feel I need to get back sooner rather than later.