Crazy Dream

Some of you may have seen the new video made by Chad Clemens & Ian Carr with Chad singing a cover of "Light My Fire" but many of you don't know the real story behind it.  So here it is;

Around 4 weeks ago I had a dream where I was in America with Chad and Ian and we were looking at an old English car, a 1969 Morris Traveler. As we looked around it I noticed the engine wasn't fitted correctly but the rest of the car was in immaculate condition. I said in that condition it would be worth a fortune. When I woke up I couldn't stop thinking about this dream and for some odd reason the song "Light My Fire", the Jose Feliciana version, kept playing in my head. I didn't really know what it meant or that there was a connection with that song. I asked a woman I know who figures out the meaning of dreams and she said the car represents a year and because Chad was a singer the 'Fortune' could be to do with a song from the year the car was popular.

I did some research and found the car was popular around 1969, which spooky as it is, was around the same time Light My Fire was a hit in the UK charts. I got an image of the car using Google images and emailed Chad and told him about the dream:

He loved the song and said he'd do a cover of it. I didn't hear from him for  a couple of weeks, with school work and recording the song things took longer than he had expected. Then his friend Ian and Ian's girlfriend were moving house before the song was mixed and mastered so that made an even longer delay. This is were it gets really spooky.  While they where driving to Ian's new house Chad noticed a car identical to the one I had sent a picture of three weeks earlier. It was parked just a short way up from Ian's new house.   Guess you could say he was a little freaked out about this as I am sure anyone would be.

The car had apparently been abandoned there for some years as you can clearly see from the video clip.  This caused another delay because Ian & Chad wanted to use the car in the video for his YouTube channel.  The end result is a great song and video. Some things just shouldn't be rushed I guess.

Chads mom gets goosebumps thinking about it and even I find it rather odd.  As Ian said there is more chance of being hit twice by lighting in the same place as this happening. So what do you think?