Sawyer Fredricks The Next Bob Dylan

For some unknown reason I was drawn to Sawyer Fredrick's YouTube channel. I had viewed many of his videos some time ago and thought then that he needed to get something recorded in a studio for us to judge his talent fully.  He now has a 15 track album out on CDbaby, all of which he wrote himself.  Having bought the album my first impressions were that I was about to discover something new, very unique and totally different to what other 14 year old's were putting out on YouTube.

No Justin Bieber 'swagger' here but a truly pleasurable album, perfect to relax and chill to. From the first to last track, this album will keep the listener hooked with the well composed lyrics and music. Favourite tracks for me so far are "Afraid", "Not My Girl", "Why So Blue" and the title track "Out My Window". It seems really hard to believe that Sawyer suffers from stage fright each time he does a live performance and he wouldn't speak when he first started to do live shows.  I think he is overcoming his nerves now and having a little more self confidence.   Someone commented that Sawyer was an old soul in a young body and I can see that. He would have been perfect for the Woodstock peace festival in the 1960s. If there is ever another global peace protest and an event such as Woodstock,  Sawyer would go down a storm. 

The only downside I can see for him is that his style of music may not appeal to many youngsters, who will grow with him.  It seems that they prefer the Justin Bieber pop trash rather than real music such as Sawyer produces.  His music appeals more to the older generation and it will be the 30+ age group that will appreciate this album more but you never know, teens may one day realize there is better than explicit, one liner pop tunes and start listening to this kind of music. Is Sawyer the new Bob Dylan? Not quite but he's heading there, but at least he can sing!  On a rating of 1 to 10 this album gets 10/10