Next Big Thing

I have recently been contacted by various young artists looking to get their music played on my radio shows.  This got me to thinking about what the media call "the next big thing".  If I were asked who I thought would be the next big thing, I would find that really difficult.

Tristan Blaine recently came on my show and also helped test the software for 'Ceejay Introduces', a side project I have going on my new YouTube Channel After hearing his album, available on iTunes I rate him as a contender for the next teen sensation. Even though on one song of his TeenHoot Hootfest performance he struggled to control his voice, he still did a great job and his backing dancers made the whole thing that little more enjoyable.  Tristan certainly has plenty of confidence and more than enough talent to cope with the pressure of fame.

Christopher McGinnis reminds me of a young Neil Sedaka. One of his fans followed me on twitter and suggested I check him out. After taking a quick look at his YouTube, I didn't really take much notice afterwards. It was while watching the recorded stream of the Hootfest that Christopher finally got my attention.  The stream had, had problems and most of his set was missing. In fact it only showed around half of his own song "Just another teenage night" but the first thing that struck me was the clarity of his voice. He sounded as good live as he would in the studio, and for me that is the sign of something special.   Christopher isn't a Justin Bieber sound-a-like but has his own unique style.  Where he has an advantage over the many wanna be teens is his style would span all generations, not just teens.  This factor makes him a true contender for  'The Next Big Thing' crown.

My top tip for the big time has to be 17 year old Chad Clemens. This talented teen writes all his own material and along with his best friend Ian Carr, makes some pretty awesome music.  Chads music is already getting played on UK radio stations 1Radio.org and youth FM station Blink FM in High Wycombe. He has already caught the attention of Jethro 'Alonestar' Sheeran, Cousin of Ed Sheeran, who is now keen to do a collaboration in the future.   He already has a 10 track album on iTunes and has written and recorded 3 new tracks for his next one, which he hopes to release in early 2014. Chad has to be considered a real contender for the 'Next Big Thing' crown.

Boy band Round2Crew are making a name for themselves across the USA and now in the UK. They did a terrific set at HootFest and helped other artists on the night, including the very talented Jacob Whitesides They have the personalities that even parents can enjoy and are only the second Rap / Hip-Hop artists  to make this genre enjoyable by me, the other being the talented Alonestar (Jethro Sheeran).  These three teens are already stars in the eyes of the many teen fans that flock to their gigs.   Round2Crew are Justin “Pape” Brown (rapper), Kevin “K-Fly” Flynn (rapper), and Chase Martin (vocalist/producer), They have written and produced over eighty original songs and will be supporting Rapper Riff Raff at the legendary Whisky a go go on Sunset Boulevard, LA.

I could list many more young artists that have the potential to be the next big thing but these are my top contenders at the moment.