Josh K First Original Release

Over the past 2 to 21/2 years I have been following the progress of Josh K. Many said he hadn't got what it takes to be a successful singer or at the time he wasn't ready but he still did covers and got more experienced.
For a good few months now I didn't see or hear anything major from Josh, although he did post some new covers on his YouTube page, his social networking was almost zero, at least from my perspective, but now we know why. Finally after all this time Josh has released his first single on iTunes and it is a real gem of a song.  'Still Means Nothing", is a song about lost love.
This is such a break from all the wannabe rappers and a song that even the older generation could listen too as well as the young fans.  I can see this song getting a lot of air play once the radio managers get to hear it.  Is it Top 100 material?  Absolutely and it would be a refreshing change to all the one beat explicit garbage we are subjected to lately.  If this first attempt is anything to go by the we will need to watch out for Josh K in future.  A superstar in the making.

Buy the new single from iTunes 0.79p Sterling, 0.99 USA cents.