Record Sales Down

So the poor record companies are feeling a little disheartened with sales down by around 7%. Well given that we have little choice of artists & the charts being filled week in week out with the same garbage this comes as little surprise to most of us.  There is very little new music around from the major record labels and most people are now buying from Indie labels and artists who produce a much wider variety of music at a fraction the cost of the top stars.

The record companies blame piracy on the downturn of their fortunes & although this is a major factor one other reason is that any money they do make doesn't go on new artists but to shareholders.  The corporates also have the money and contacts with nation and commercial radio so they guarantee a major control over the charts.

If you look at the current chart a large proportion of songs contain explicit language with some having special radio edits made so as to not offend the public in general.  This type of music appeals to juveniles, adolescent chavs and immature adults who think this is sounds good where in fact it is totally unnecessary. Responsible parents and intelligent adults aren't going to waste money on this trash.  Then there are the large amount of 'Rappers' who have about as much musical talent as a goat.  YouTube is now full of  young people who think they have some great talent because they can rap.  Some do break the mold are also really excellent singers but these are few and far between.

Over the past few years, particularly since I have been doing Internet radio, I have seen and heard some amazing talent and they are working very hard in the hope of being discovered. Sadly the record companies are nothing more than a machine turning out the same product over and over, week in week out and the only real hope for these unsigned artists are a few DJ's on community and Internet radio who do their best to get these artists heard.  So if the record companies want to reverse their fortunes maybe they should look to their recruitment methods and start putting some decent music in the charts again, like in the 60's and 70's & 80's.