Cable Installed

Early in January 2013 I finally had cable Internet installed.  I easily get 25Mb/s on WiFi but get the full 30Mb/s when cabled in.  To make life easier I bought a TP-Link wireless router so I can cable everything in and only use wireless for the smart phone, tablet PC and any laptops not used for broadcasting.  The room has been refurbished with new draw units and wardrobe, desk, shelving and carpet. New blinds on the windows and a new radiator keeps the place nice and warm.

I'm once again ending Solid Gold Sunday, the interviews are drying up now and it seems to have run it's course.  I have two final interviews, one recorded and one to go live.  At the moment Sundays will officially end for me on January 10 2013 but I will still do the odd schedule filler if and when I have time.

Not sure when I will start the blogtv show, test runs aren't very encouraging with 2 to 3 viewers but maybe once the format is worked out it may pick up a little.  Old friendships have ended, not all on the best of terms, but new friendships come along to take their place and hopefully these won't bring the drama that previous 'friends' did.

Monday Music & Requests gets better every week and some of the requests are fantastic. An unknown listener, they didn't show in the shoutbox,  requested a song by We Are Kings and although I didn't have the song they requested I did have one track by the band.  I played that and really liked it, so much so I bought two of their albums when I finished the show.  Expect to hear more of their music on my shows in future.  Still waiting on Alonestar, Jethro Sheeran, to send his new single but he is busy working on a reality TV show at the moment.

Remember to tune in to my shows when you can and visit my website  to check the schedule and see when I am on. Many thanks for all the support.