Monday Music & Requests

Monday February 13 wasn't unlucky for me but a really good day.  Monday music & requests, which is reasonably popular,  exceeded it's past listener figures and was probably one of the highlights of my time at 1Radio.org.  The show evolved after trying a Tuesday night music show, which was fine the first couple of weeks.  I switched to Mondays for an hour between 7 & 8pm and allowed requests.

It started off slowly, a few regular listeners but gradually grew.  After several pleas from listeners I autobooked the slots, that guarantees I get that slot, and started doing two hour shows from  6 to 8pm (UK).

I always make a backup playlist in case the requests are slow, which they have rarely been.  I have two regulars who love to challenge me and they often request some obscure, unheard of band or artist for me to go and search for.  I refuse to play songs directly from YouTube. I simply go to iTunes after the show and find the ones I don't have. If it sounds like something I'd enjoy I may purchase an entire album.   

It means a lot to me to have such loyal supporters. Being a radio DJ has been a dream of mine since I was about 10, when I first heard the pirate station Caroline on the radio.  I know 1Radio isn't going to make me famous, but that isn't why I do it. I do because I love music, have done ever since I could walk and turn the radio on.  A big thanks to all the loyal Manic Monday listeners, without whom there'd be no show.