Alonestar Curse Broken

Well after two failed attempts, due to forces beyond our control, we finally managed to get Jethro Sheeran a.k.a. Alonestar, to do the long awaited interview. Even then it wasn't without it's problems as the Skype phone Jethro was using had very poor sound quality. He was further hindered by not being able to find a Skype application for his version of the iPad operating system. Eventually one of his friends came to the rescue and loaned him her Mac computer. 
Far from the planned Interview I had written down, we chatted like we had known each other for years and I found him so easy to get along with. He has had such a varied career working in TV advertising with brand campaigns such as Calvin Klein, Diesel & Lacoste. He also had minor acting roles in TV shows such as Casualty & The Bill and worked on Music videos with The Sugarbabes, Jamiraoquai & Blue. He is good friends with all the members of Blue and still keeps in contact with them.

Alonestar currently has two albums on iTunes, Warriors and Isophase Light, with a new single due out in March and a full album in April / May.  Like his cousin, Ed Sheeran, Alonestar is a very talented musician in his own right.  The Warrior EP and Isophate Light album became the first time I have listened to anything and not disliked at least one or two tracks.  Every single track is unique and totally enjoyable.  Of course I have my favourites, Raise 'Em Up feat. Ed Sheeran, Shottas Paradise feat. Asher D & Lost and Taken feat. Lifford, are three of my favourite tracks. I really can't wait until the new album comes out.  You really should check out his music and buy them from iTunes. Alonestar will be joining me again at some point and said he may get his cousin Ed Sheeran to join us. Watch this space.