Jethro Sheeran a.k.a. Alonestar

Due to unforeseen circumstance;ls Jethro was unable to make the show on January 1.  We had rescheduled to Sunday, January 8 at the usual time 4pm but at 10:05am my phone and Internet went dead. The engineer didn't come until Tuesday afternoon and I had to make do with a USB 3g Dongle.

We have finally managed to reschedule to Saturday February 4 at 6:00pm GMT. Hopefully we will have no problems this week and can enjoy the music from the
Alonestar albums. I will also be playing tracks from his first two albums and two from his album due out this year.  We may be joined by friend and fellow musician Ollie Garland in the last 20 minutes to talk about his last gig before heading off to Nashville and Teenhoot.  Ollie will be the first person outside the USA to appear at Teenhoot.

So tune in for what will be an interesting interview and some great music.  You can find Alonestars website HERE