Christmas on 1radio

I have a very busy Schedule over the Christmas period. On Christmas day I'm being joined on Skype by Jackb and hopefully others who can add the account ceejayqb2 to Skype.  we will be chatting about the festive season and playing out some oldies from the the 60's to the 80's with maybe a few odd new ones thrown in..  

Boxing day, at present I have no one booked fort he first hour but in the second hour I have live from LA 13yr Old Singer / Rapper / Dancer & Actor Triston Coleman.  I have already chatted with his management team and we are good to go.  My original plan was to get Majors & Minors Star Josh Metzler on Skype for the first hour, however twitter DM's get ignored and then, after being told to send an email, they also go ingored. So basically I'm back to square one for the first hour. Still there is over a week to sort that out so I'm not worried. If push comes to shove I'll simply do a request hour, then interview Triston.  Watch out for this guy, he will be a big star someday. 

December 29th is my 57th birthday and also marks two full years on 1radio. Not bad considering I almost didn't bother signing up. It was only because Spike Hammond kept on nagging that I would be good enough I finally gave in.  With his encouragement and help I gained confidence doing radio, which is a lot different from turning up at a wedding or birthday party and playing disco music. So as is traditional I have two hours of the Old Man's Birthday Bash.

Next is the three hour special on New Years Eve. Already confirmed I have Brody Bower,  Tyler Matl and Adam Zareba.  David Malloy is also making an appearance and chatting about Teenhoot.  I am dedicating the third hour to an interview with Austin Corini, who has one of the best voices I have heard so far this year. Because of problems with time zone differences this is the only real chance I have to get Austin on Skype. The full order for the first two hours hasn't yet been worked out but I am calling the show New Years Future Stars because these artists really do have the X-Factor + and I see no reason why by this time next year some or even all of them will be household names across the globe.